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Surgical Suite


When your pet needs surgery, you need to find a practice that can administer both gentle and effective treatment to your beloved companion. From routine procedures, such as spaying or neutering, to more advanced operations, your pet may need to undergo surgery for any number of reasons. Our staff is trained to give your pet the care and compassion they need to not only successfully make it through the operation but to lead a healthier and happier life when they return from our hospital.  The modern amenities of our surgical suite enable our staff to function at peak capacity. You can expect our staff's complete attention when your pet is in the surgical room.

Veterinary surgery often requires multiple professionals working together, which is why in our suite we have a full fleet of monitoring equipment such as ECG, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, end tidal CO2, heart rate, and temperature which our technician and assistants monitor closely in case adjustments are needed.  IV fluids, and anesthesia are constantly monitored and adjusted by a trained technician. Our team works together to communicate any potential anomalies that may compromise the efficacy of the surgery. We've found this strategy to be the best possible way to ensure favorable outcomes.